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Pressure Activated Valves


Our Pressure-Activated Valves (PAV) are designed to be used as a one-way valve for drug delivery. The low priming valve platform yields stable cracking pressure for dispensing anesthetic drugs as well as for use with other IV drug delivery devices. The valve features a preloaded normally closed silicone diaphragm that allows flow in one direction while checking flow in the opposite direction, preventing retrograde flow.

The valves are also used as Anti-Siphon Valves for pump applications to reduce likelihood of inadvertent infusions.

Practivet offers a value-priced hospital care line of pressure-activated valves to meet your set of needs. These quality driven products share the same design and materials as our acclaimed critical care valves. They are offered at a lower price point based upon the criticality of your requirements. Our hospital and critical care lines are identifiable by either a green or blue diaphragm, respectively.


  • Low priming volume

  • Wide range of available opening pressures

  • Clear housing

  • Lipid resistant

  • 100% in-line tested

  • Back pressure rated from 45 psi (3.1 bar) to 330 psi (22.8 bar)

  • Not made with Natural Rubber Latex and DEHP

  • Solvent-free, permanently ultrasonically welded assembly to assure structural integrity of product and fluid containment.


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