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A unique combination of features that empowers you to deliver optimal healthcare—today and tomorrow. Air Management that doesn’t require disconnecting from the patient. It simultaneously delivers two compatible medications at independent rates. It is EMR ready, today and tomorrow. It replaces traditional three-way stopcocks with two one-way valves.

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Clinical Studies

  • Integration of Smart Infusion Pumps with Electronic Medical Record Reduces Potentially Catastrophic Medication Dosing Errors - King V., MS, BSN, Hum D., RPh, Kendzierski D., PharmD, Arvelo C., MBA, BSN, Overdyk F.J., MSEE, MD
  • The Role of Infusion Pump Technology in Optimizing Efficiency in Cancer Care Delivery Results of a simulated chemotherapeutic regimen with the Plum 360® infusion system vs. a competitive system - JW Beard, MD, MBA; Zehra Madhany, RN, MS, BBA; Heather Witek, RN, BSN

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