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Needle-Free Access Device nSyte


The nSyte family of needle-free swabable connectors offers the quality and value necessary for the most common fluid management and IV clinical use cases. nSyte delivers the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect and know.


  • Robust, Flat, and Swabable Split Septum promotes easy and complete cleaning of the access site. The swabable split septum top also provides a microbial ingress barrier. 1
  • Clear housing and silicone gland member facilitates visualization of the entire fluid path during priming and flushing.
  • Straight fluid path allows for complete flushing and unrestricted flow. 1
  • Solvent-free, permanently ultrasonically welded assembly to assure structural integrity of product and fluid containment.
  • Offered in multiple configurations to meet various clinical needs.


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