Practivet is the leading provider of IV Catheters, Fluid Administration devices & Needle Free Ports for Veterinarians.


Needle Free Ports

Discover our full selection of MicroClave, Neutron, NanoClave and more. A full set of products designed to simplify your operations and boost your productivity.

Fluid Administration Devices

We offer T-Port, Extension Sets, Administration sets and Male Adapter. Out team can also provide Custom IV Sets. You decide what you need and we provide the solution!

Needle Free Container Adaptors

See how our Bag Spike, Vial Adapter and Transfer device can help you become more efficient and minimize the risk of infection.


Discover our full set of IV Catheter

We offer FastFlash / DualFlash, Standard and HSAH Products.

Learn more about our IV Catheter Products >



See our full IV Sets Catalog

We have over a 100 combinations of IV Sets design, sizes, connectors, adapters, lines, tubes.


Need a Custom IV Sets Solutions? We can do it!

Send us an email with what you need! Out team will get back to you with recommendations and details to build your custom IV Sets Solutions!

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