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GIF-Tube Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy

A medical-grade silicone implant placed under the skin with a brief surgical procedure enabling pet owners to deliver subcutaneous fluids at home. The tube is fenestrated to allow for rapid delivery (appx 100cc/minute) without causing pain or fluid pockets. Ideal for animals with renal failure or any condition requiring long-term fluid therapy.

The tube can remain in place indefinitely

Make an incision 2" below the skull; tent the skin with a hemostat.Pass the tube with stylet in place through the incision just off the dorsal midline. Direct the tube toward the flank area being certain to insert all the way to the skirt so no tube is exposed.Place sutures around the skirt in a clock like pattern, every other digit. Close the tube with the microclave. The tube is ready to deliver fluids. Simply attach an IV line directly to the microclave-NO Needles!

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